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World leading company specialised in ultrasonic devices for imaging and therapy, VERMON SA has been incorporated in 1984 on the basis of the space medical research from University of Tours (France). Vermon is committed to serve the industry, designing and manufacturing advanced and unique transducer technologies. Long term strategy is to support our customer’s innovative ultrasound diagnostic modalities as well as strengthening their long term market position with superior ultrasound imaging performance. Vermon has been leading 1-3 piezoelectric composite technology development and industrialization to enhance ultrasound transducers state of the art. To achieve and further extend this position, VERMON designs, produces and controls all probe acoustic components, manufacturing tools and technologies. The industrial organization addresses a very diverse customer base, from early stage R&D performers to ultrasound market leaders over a very broad product portfolio. All transducers are manufactured in Tours Headquarters facilities under the ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 Quality Management System.

Since its inception VERMON has continuously seeked to maintain its commitment to research and technological development in the domains of ultrasonic apparatus and medical diagnosis and therapy, and devotes more than 20% of the company revenue to R&D activities annually. As a result, Vermon owns several patented technologies in transducers and medical diagnostic devices that allow us to provide high performance and quality products as well as to insure our customers with the highest technological advances available in the market. The product line covers the full range of multi-channel imaging transducers for medical diagnostic with some special products such as intracardiac imaging catheters or 4D probes dedicated to real time volume image rendering that make Vermon the unique and most important Ultrasound supply source in Europe.

Transducer technologies are the core business for VERMON and the company owns several in-house developed solutions based on piezoelectrics (piezocomposite) or MEMS components as capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (cMUTs). Both designs inherit from intrinsic behaviour of their structures and will exhibit characteristics that make them particularly suitable for custom applications. More recently, Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting (PEH) has been included in the company’s technology portfolio to serve medical implants, autonomous embedded sensing systems and IoT applications.