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Established in Cambridge, UK in 1946 and with several facilities across the globe, TWI ( is one of Europe’s foremost independent research and technology organisations, employing 740 scientists, technologists, administrative and support staff world-wide (540 in the UK and Europe) and with annual (2014) group turnover of £80million (€94million).

TWI works across all industry sectors with expertise in key aspects of materials, materials joining, structural integrity, static and dynamic testing and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) and has representation on over 100 standards committees. The majority of TWI’s activities (65%) are contract research, funded by industry and built around the development of advanced technologies. TWI is also an active participant in collaborative research programmes in Europe and the UK. TWI has been involved in over 90 European framework projects, many of which have been in the field of NDT and Condition Monitoring involving ultrasonic testing and Eddy Current Testing. Projects of this type are normally targeted at the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas and energy related industries. TWI has been consortium/project or technical project leader on at least half the number of occasions from Framework 5 and onwards through to H2020.

TWI’s NDT activities focus on bespoke and technically challenging inspection solutions. TWI therefore has the ideal credentials to deliver a successful project, on time and within budget with a higher than normal chance of product exploitation at the end of the project and particularly where the project developments are highly relevant to their industrial membership that is currently around 3000 organisations in over 60 countries.