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Coşkunöz Holding is active in 5 different sectors (Automotive, Defence & Aerospace, Energy, Transport and Heating) with 11 subsidiaries companies, 3 foreign partners and more than 2,300 employees. Coşkunöz Holding has its own R&D Center with over 50 full-time researchers developing solutions for their customers. Coşkunöz R&D Center has been accredited as a co-designer by local and international OEMs such as Volkswagen and Renault. Coşkunöz R&D is able to execute all the chain of new product development process effectively, from the design space to product validation steps of structure and closure automotive parts. Coşkunöz R&D has extensive knowledge in cost effective and weight saving product and process design, including carbon fiber composites, sheet forming analysis, thermal and non-thermal joining techniques.

Group’s innovation and R&D activities focus on:

• Light weight and/or cost effective component development for automotive industry by using; new forming technologies such as rollforming, hot or warm forming and hybrid forming techniques, with different materials such as new generation high strength steels, non ferritic alloys and composite materials.

• Thermal and non thermal joining techniques such as laser welding, friction stir welding, clinching process using for improving joining process efficiency  for light weight design.

• Developing of full system suspension group with it's metal and rubber parts. • Customized products with combined metal and rubber materials for automotive and railway industries.

• Additive manufacturing of Metal powders

• Hybrid Manufacturing of Conventional Parts with Additive manufacturing

Coşkunöz R&D is also capable of developing its own technologies in innovative joining applications with their strong expertise in resistance welding, resistance spot gun, assembly and measurement control fixtures, and customer-specific machines. Coşkunöz has necessary infrastructures to design welding test benches according to project requirements.

The group’s first joint-stock company, Coşkunöz Metal Form A.Ş., was formed in 1973. It continues to activities in the area of manufacturing mainly for the automotive industry. Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina AŞ was formed as a sister company of Coşkunöz Metal Form in 2016.

The main products of Coskunoz Kalıp Makina are: sheet metal forming tools, assembly and measurement control fixtures, standard and customer-specific hydraulic, mechanical presses and resistance welding machines. Forming and assembly of steel and aluminium compound sheet metal materials in the tools are produced in-house. Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina A.Ş. uses its own dies, press and welding machines to produce single parts or assemblies for the automotive sector. Today, with its Quality Management certificates, Coşkunöz A.Ş. is amongst the first 500 largest companies in Turkey. With its more than 50 years’ experience in the industry; importance is given to customer satisfaction; policy to ensure continuous development of its personnel, products, process, and environmental quality.